Planning & Budgeting Your Charity Auction

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The first thing to do, is to actually decide whether a silent auction is right for your organization, the resources you have, and your fundraising needs. Unlike a live auction where an auctioneer vocally auctions off items one by one… While physical items are always pleasant for people to leave with, sometimes the most successful elements are experiences.
The auction web site can be accessed 24 hours a day to help promote mission. Engage visitors to register, bid and donate, engage & share on social media. With the right items presented in a professional, sleek online auction medium, you can raise significant revenue with less resources required for setup and fulfillment. In today’s post, get details on the 3 different types of charity auctions and tips for deciding which is right for your event.
Take advantage of multi-guest ticketing, collect guest information through custom fields, create add-on purchases, and track bidder activity. This community article details all of the required information needed to set up an auction item on the Campaign Management System (CMS). As a general rule the minimum you will need to gather is; a title, a description, pricing and an image. You can usually put as many tickets as you’d like into as many bowls as you’d like, allowing you to bid on multiple items at once. At the end of these types of auctions, one ticket is drawn from each item’s bowl, determining the winner of that item.
Use pins, clips, or holders to keep your bid sheet safe and in place. Put your bid sheet in good order by type, price, or how many people want it. After your auction close, provide brief thank you remarks to your guests. This puts a nice cap to the evening and gives your staff time to prepare for checkout and item pickup. Fill a locked box with valuable items and sell identical looking keys to guests.
Specialized software makes everything go faster, easier, and more accurately. One of the easiest mistakes to make when building a silent auction is to assume more is always better. While getting many items donated is exciting, too many auction items can dilute the excitement at your event and lead to lower bids on all of your items. The excitement of auctions is a lot about the possibility of not getting something, just as much as it is about getting something.
To help you design your own bid sheets, the fundraising experts here at Winspire have put together a free template that you can download and customize. If you have space, include your organization’s mission statement or a short blurb about how you plan to use the funds you raise through the silent auction. During traditional silent auctions, participants are required to place bids by writing their name, contact information, and bidder number on bid sheets next to each item.
All they have to do is privately and discreetly outbid each other. Much like in a traditional English auction (also called an open ascending price auction), attendees bid against each other for an item. But unlike the more common auction, there are some very distinct differences that make silent auctions unique. You can also start here to get a comprehensive guide on this lesser known, but extremely popular, type of auction. By the end of the post, you will have everything you need to plan, launch, and run a successful silent auction of your own. If you have a batch of items that you would like to sell, to raise money for a cause – the silent auction model might be exactly what you need.
If this is your plan, make sure that the winner knows it’s up to them to provide the decorations that will be hung. It’s important to point that out because decorating companies often provide the decorations they hang. While you’re sealing the deal for this generous donation, make sure you negotiate the number of garments the winning bidder will be able to have laundered per visit. donation for silent auction should also agree on the cumulative number of drop-offs the person will be able to make while the deal remains in effect. Is there a museum or a historic attraction near your charity’s headquarters? If there is, contact the facility to see if it would be willing to allow you to auction off an after-hours tour of the property.
Your auction platform’s structure and features often heavily influence the way you design your bid sheets with predetermined templates and formatting requirements. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus mostly on creating paper bid sheets as their design is entirely up to you. Another advantage of using school auction software is tracking bids and inventory in real-time. This means that schools can keep track of the status of their items, adjust prices, and manage promotions on the fly.