How To Spot Fake Sneakers Paperback

Globaleyez’s marketplace monitoring program ensures that IP infringing listings are detected and removed from marketplaces before they’re bought. The pandemic has affected all of our lives in ways that we could not imagine but one thing that it has impacted is the supply chain of almost everything we consume and the way we are purchasing them – shoes included. The counterfeit markets are BOOMING as more people turn to online shopping. It is important to make sure you are buying any of your products from trusted retailersvs. Buying based off of price concerns as this may lead to a purchase from a counterfeiter. One way to ensure you are getting authentic shoes is to buy directly from the brand/manufacturer.
Sneaker copies are popping up everywhere these days, from eBay to your local sneaker store. You can never be too sure that your kicks are authentic. The Nike Air Jordan 1 is arguably one of the greatest sneakers of all time, but in light of this, it’s one of the most heavily counterfeit sneakers of all time too.
To avoid it’s best for you only to use trustworthy websites. To date, StockX and GOAT are two of the most popular resale websites operated by sneakerheads – as they pride themselves on sneaker authentication. Brands like GOAT are so legit that they hire ‘Sneaker Authenticators’ to ensure authenticity and verify quality control measures are met. Here is a beginner’s how-to spot fake sneakers guide—filled with tips, tricks, and insight on the world of sneaker authenticity. Kim says the ‘Hyper Royal’ Air Jordan 1 is a problematic sneaker on StockX.
Dodge the fakes with Hype Stew’s 9 step guide to authenticate your sneakers. For me, reselling is something else, it’s just a little bit of fun on the side. I like sneakers and I’m very into business, so it was kind of a nice, interesting, fun thing to do last year, but now I’m running out of time to do it.
fake AJ is made of cheaper raw materials that smell different than the real deal. In the case of sneakers, a fake product often gives off a chemical smell, while authentic ones smell like the more expensive rubber used to make tennis balls. As you can see from the numbers, counterfeiting is not an isolated problem. In fact, it’s a $1.82 trillion industry affecting virtually all brands in all marketplaces all over the world. According to the OECD’s recent report, counterfeiting is now responsible for 3.3% of global trade.
“We look forward to defending our reputation and understanding why Nike, which once sought to collaborate in combatting counterfeits, now seeks to undermine StockX’s business model.” Nike has accused online marketplace StockX of allowing sales of counterfeit Nike sneakers. Sell sneakers in as little as 24 hours to our team of experts.
Download our app to see the full list of brands we can authenticate. Whether you are looking to resell or purchase a pre-loved item, we can help authenticate and detect replicas. You might be that sucker if you think you’re getting a pair of brand new Yeezy’s for $150.