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However, when the actual costs of the year involved become known, the differences between the fixed amounts previously approved and the actual costs will be carried forward and used as an adjustment to the fixed amounts established for a later year. This “carry-forward” procedure applies to all central services whose costs were fixed in the approved plan. However, a carry-forward adjustment is not permitted, for a central service activity that was not included in the approved plan, or for unallowable costs that must be reimbursed immediately. Allocated central services means central services that benefit operating agencies but are not billed to the agencies on a fee-for-service or similar basis. These costs are allocated to benefitted agencies on some reasonable basis.
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As appropriate, it may include any program history (e.g., whether this is a new program or a new or changed area of program emphasis). This section also may include other information the Federal awarding agency deems necessary, and must at a minimum include citations for authorizing statutes and regulations for the funding opportunity. In most cases, the auditee’s compliance responsibility for contractors is only to ensure that the procurement, receipt, and payment for goods and services comply with Federal statutes, regulations, and the terms and conditions of Federal awards.
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The alcoholic beverages purchased under the Steamship Permit can not be offered for sale or sold in New York State. The alcoholic beverages must be delivered directly to the steamship of the permittee or to a warehouse for which a warehouse permit has been issued by the Liquor Authority. Only alcoholic beverages in the original sealed contained which comply with the provisions of the law with respect to labels and sizes of containers can be purchased. A Fleet Company Permit authorizes a New York State licensed manufacturer or wholesaler a company permit to cover any and all vehicles over 65,000 pounds hired or contracted for a term.
Except as provided elsewhere in these principles, the costs of fringe benefits are allowable provided that the benefits are reasonable and are required by law, non-Federal entity-employee agreement, or an established policy of the non-Federal entity. The total cost of a Federal award is the sum of the allowable direct and allocable indirect costs less any applicable credits. If the Federal awarding agency obtains the research data solely in response to a FOIA request, the Federal awarding agency may charge the requester a reasonable fee equaling the full incremental cost of obtaining the research data.
The Houthi rebels have publicly stated their intent to continue such attacks. In the event of a missile and/or drone strike, follow the guidance found here. They may be highly illiquid and can engage in leverage and other speculative practices that may increase volatility and risk of loss.
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Compensation for employees engaged in work on Federal awards will be considered reasonable to the extent that it is consistent with that paid for similar work in other activities of the non-Federal entity. (b) Costs of bonding required pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Federal award are allowable. Costs incurred by IHEs for, or in support of, alumni/ae activities are unallowable.
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